Do you have a scarcity mindset? 

From what I’ve witnessed, I believe to some extent we all experience this at some stage or another.

I know I did growing up, and even now I’ll catch myself when symptoms arise.

Not sure if you do?  Start checking in to see if you’re experiencing any of the following:


Anxious that you don’t have enough…money, stuff, friends, time.

Fearful of not having or losing what you have or missing out on opportunities.

Insecure about your ability to create wealth, what you’re worth and even your potential to be successful.

Envious of what others are achieving

Frustration which leads to you being stuck, struggling to see a way out given a perceived lack of resources, opportunities, connections


You use language such as:

I’ll be happy when I have ….more money, a new car, new job, new home, more time, I can’t afford to …go on vacation, go to that event, buy that new dress, I don’t have the right friends or connections, I’m always settling for less, the only person I can trust is me, everyone’s out there to take advantage of me.

understanding how these are impacting your life

Having a scarcity mindset can be incredibly limiting.  You sit in lack and limitation rather than abundance and possibility.  The belief that often supports this is that there’s never enough, whether that be time, money, opportunities, or resources.  It’s often rooted in fear which can be prolonged by cultural and social conditioning

When opportunities do arise, you subconsciously deflect these by not taking risks, limiting yourself from pursuing goals and in turn achieving your full potential.

shifting into an abundance mindset

How can you start shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset?

Try these five steps: 

Step 1. Acknowledge that you’re experiencing symptoms of scarcity and lack.  Ask yourself where this is coming from?  Did you grow up in an environment where money was lacking? 

Step 2. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. When we express gratitude for what we have we focus on abundance rather than lack and scarcity.  

Step 3. Challenge your limiting beliefs – is there really not enough money? Or is your money lacking direction.  Is there really not enough time? How much tv, social media, video games etc. are being watched or played.  Whilst work and family dynamics can impact on the time you have, how can you bring more time back into your day by prioritising yourself and asking for help e.g. with school or sport pick-ups and drop offs.

Step 4. Adopt an abundance mindset.  Start focussing on opportunities for growth and success such as education, training, applying for a new or more senior role rather than focussing on what you lack. Ask yourself, what opportunities are there to bring more abundance into my life or make more money?

Step 5. Get clear on where you’re money’s going and what’s happening with your finances.  Often I’ll work with clients experiencing scarcity because they don’t know what they have which is keeping them in lack.

Suzanne X

We delve deeper into having a scarcity mindset as part of the Money Mindset Reprogram to help you transform your own relationship with money.

Working with a financial coach can help you to gain clarity around creating money and managing money. If you would like to explore this further, please book in for a free 15 minute chat.


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