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‘The thinking that created the problem, cannot create the solution’. Albert Einstein

Welcome to Mindful Finances, where we invite women in business to overcome challenging money beliefs to drive business growth and build financial independence.

By establishing solid financial foundations, you can focus on the things that matter most.

Suzanne Alexander

I’m here to help you unpack and enhance your relationship with money, so you can confidently and effortlessly create financial independence in an inviting, relaxed and supportive environment.

As a former financial adviser and with over 15 years in the Finance Industry, you will have access to my expertise and the tools to help build your financial knowledge and have confidence in the decisions you make.

money mindset reprogram


A solid foundation is key to building wealth.  Go from overwhelm, confusion and procrastination to having a clear understanding of your personal  finances.

Build a healthy relationship with money by exploring your money story, the money blocks holding you back and bring purpose to your money so you can set yourself up for success


Gain the confidence to increase your income, build wealth and live life with an abundance mindset.

This is for you if you are struggling with valuing your worth (pricing or income), not sure how to build wealth or get started with investing and are seeking a more abundant life.


Three-Month Commitment

Without action knowledge is useless. This program is ideal for business owners who prefer not to go it alone and are seeking ongoing support and accountability.

Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and will be conducted over 6 fortnightly sessions.


Rachael Manwarring

“Doing the money mindset re-programming with Suzanne has been life changing for me. It has enabled me to bring curiosity to my finances and re-align with my values which in turn has created increased financial results in my business as well as living to my values day to day. I cannot recommend working with Suzanne enough to every single person! Thank you, thank you, thank you Suzanne!”

Emily Douglass

“I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Suzanne to anyone who wants to breakthrough what is holding them back financially and gain tools that they can use personally and professionally.

 Suzanne is a phenomenal coach who is an expert in her field. Suzanne created a safe space for me to share my money beliefs and feelings without judgement. I have gained so much clarity and knowledge allowing me to create wealth and change my perspective from lack to abundant.”

Billy McLean

“Suzanne provides such an amazing, non-judgey space to question your money habits and beliefs, so that you can look at what changes will be beneficial (& what you have done well too!). I am so glad to be able to work with Suzanne as it’s helped my mindset around both my personal and business finances. A very important stepping stone in my journey! Highly recommend her Money Mindset program for anyone who is stuck or struggling with their finances and wants to move forward, rather than just tread water.”

Andrea Gaze

“Suzanne is personable and very engaged in the Money Mindset coaching process. She is interested and supportive and always offers ideas and guidance in all aspects of what we covered. She is easy to communicate with and I really enjoyed all our coaching sessions. Thank you so much Suzanne”


Rewriting your money story
Rewriting your money story

Rewriting your money story. Your financial situation has been influenced by a number of factors.  One of the most influential contributors is your psychological relationship – what the mind believes, feels and as a result behaves around money. What does ‘money story’...

Getting better with savings
Getting better with savings

We are often surrounded by 'shoulds'. Some of the most common ones I hear are 'you should be better with money', 'you should be better with savings', 'you should be better with finances'. Often when I speak to clients about their relationship with money they start off...


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